When I first started producing Disc Golf Videos in 2009 I did not know of many of people that produced videos for Disc Golf. Now I know quite a few people that work in the Disc Golf Media and have worked with a few. But I wanted to get to know more of them and find out about their stories. Then I thought maybe there were a few other people that thought the same thing, that they were curious about the people behind all the awesome Disc Golf videos and photography that is out there. So I started an audio podcast. In this podcast I will try to learn more about all the producers out there (or at least the ones willing to talk with me) and their love for media and Disc Golf.

I am going to ask them questions about what equipment they use, what other types of media do they work on that is not disc golf related, and what projects they are working. 

I actually started a Facebook group called Disc Golf Media Gurus so that we could all collaborate and support each other in producing quality Disc Golf media.

So if you are interested in finding out about these creative people then subscribed to the podcast either on iTunes, the Zune store, or just use the RSS feed to put into your favorite podcast player.

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Aaron White
06/25/2013 4:15pm

I subscribed to your podcast, and I listened to the first episode. I look forward to future episodes.

Two interview requests:

1) MurderMike41370
2) lcgm8

I would love to hear the philosophy of both of these videographers when it comes to their disc golf videos.

06/25/2013 4:22pm

Excellent suggestions and they are definitely on my list to interview. Thanks for subscribing!


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