Tom Reese III from TR3 Limited asked to interview me as part of his Who We Are in Disc Golf series.
On the CDSB Facebook page I posted a link to this new company that offers a service where you pay a monthly fee and they send out discs for you to try out. You can select up to two discs at a time and if you decide to keep one of the discs then they charge you an extra one time fee. This fee also applies if you lose the discs.

I am all for people seeing a need in the business world and then trying to fill it but I am not sure this one will succeed. I guess I think that people will try to return discs that are in bad shape and then you get into the debate of whether the discs was in good condition or not. 

What do you guys think?
When I found out that Dynamic Discs was going to host the 2013 PDGA Am Worlds I was very excited. First because I knew Dynamic Discs would make it a great event and second because it meant it was only 2 and 1/2 hours away from my home so I knew I would be there. I was not sure what I would do as far as video since it is just me and there were over 500 players registered. My plan was to just capture Disc Golf action like I do at other tournaments and go from there. 

When I first started producing Disc Golf Videos in 2009 I did not know of many of people that produced videos for Disc Golf. Now I know quite a few people that work in the Disc Golf Media and have worked with a few. But I wanted to get to know more of them and find out about their stories. Then I thought maybe there were a few other people that thought the same thing, that they were curious about the people behind all the awesome Disc Golf videos and photography that is out there. So I started an audio podcast. In this podcast I will try to learn more about all the producers out there (or at least the ones willing to talk with me) and their love for media and Disc Golf.

I am going to ask them questions about what equipment they use, what other types of media do they work on that is not disc golf related, and what projects they are working. 

I actually started a Facebook group called Disc Golf Media Gurus so that we could all collaborate and support each other in producing quality Disc Golf media.

So if you are interested in finding out about these creative people then subscribed to the podcast either on iTunes, the Zune store, or just use the RSS feed to put into your favorite podcast player.

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The Dynamic Discs Glass Blown Open is an event that is special to me. It was the first disc golf event that I packed my camera and gear in to my truck and drove out of state to document on video and photos. I had only briefly talked with Jeremy Rusco about the idea of coming out there and in his typical enthusiasm for others success Jeremy said to come out and see what I could do. I drove out there on a Friday night and slept in my Ford Expedition. 

Now the Glass Blown Open has grown into a huge tournament that draw people from all of the the region to attend and to be a part of the Dynamic Discs experience. It has become so big that it has become difficult to really capture all that goes on during the event. For 2014 I may have to try to see if other videographers would be interested in helping out.

For 2013 I was able to capture some of the block party which included some food vendors and people from the town of Emporia to watch the finals for the putting competition. Some of the disc golf pros gave everyone a special treat when they started throwing Dynamic Discs Judge putters down the main street. It was awesome watching those discs fly with the buildings as a background. You will definitely want to watch the highlight video I did for the block party.

As far as tournament coverage I followed the Masters Division on the front 9 during day 2 and then the Women's Pro Division on the back 9 on that same day. And I created a highlight of the Pros from day 1. These videos are nice to watch so you can see how these disc golfers handled the wind and the courses.

But of course the big ticket is the final round for the Men's Pro lead card. I followed them for the entire round and although the wind visibly knocks me around as I try to capture the action the players maintained their calm and had excellent shots. I broke this footage into smaller chunks because I noticed that the average watch time on my longer videos was around 20 minutes. 

Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to the Dynamic Discs YouTube Channel so you won't miss out when I upload parts 2 & 3.

When I talk to other people in the media business one of the biggest tasks is networking. Some say this is how they find jobs as they freelance while others new skills from those they have been in the business longer. Why can't this happen for those in Disc Golf media? As Disc Golf grows so does the chance for media exposure. Trends are showing that more and more and people are getting consuming media on their computers rather than on their TV. Niche sports like Disc Golf have a following but not yet big enough to support it on big networks like ESPN, although that is slowly changing. The online media world is perfect for niche sports.

When I first started producing videos for Disc Golf there was not much out on the Internet as far as really polished videos. That is when I decided to take a stab at filming Disc Golf events, my very first one being the Glass Blown Open. I have learned a lot and have improved my production. I also have noticed that there are a lot more people out there producing tournament Disc Golf videos for the Internet. I think that is awesome. I created the Disc Golf Media Gurus group so that those of us that work either full time or part time on Disc Golf media could network about all things media. We could talk about our latest projects, seek advice on software and hardware, and rant about software that does not work. It is a closed group as I wanted to make sure that only those that produce the media are part of the group. Not that I don't love the Disc Golf media fan, but the topics of discussion probably would not be relevant.

If you produce Disc Golf media and want to join the group send me an email and let me know. 

Thank God For Snow

In 2010 I made the drive to Emporia, Kansas for the Monkey Island Open and that Friday the weather was in the 60s. People were in T-shirts and shorts. Then someone looked at the weather report and said a winter storm was on it's way. At around 3 in the afternoon that winter storm was making its way in as the temperature quickly dropped 15 degrees. Dynamic Discs struggled with canceling the event but knew that a lot of people had already started driving to Kansas and so they made the choice to have the event. 

The next morning we had a blanket of snow all of Emporia and it was still coming down as Jeremy Rusco began the player's meeting. Here is a video of that event, snow and all.

In 2013 the weather was way more cooperative. 

I got an ace on video!

Eric Mcabe was in town so I wanted to film some disc reviews and we did that during the first round of the Monkey Island Open. But the second round I got some good disc golf action. When the 3 open players got to about hole 15 I decided to follow them until the end. I am glad I did because I got Benjamin Wiggin's ace on hole 17. It was an awesome feeling for me and I am sure just as awesome for Benjamin. You can hear me screaming pretty loud on the audio, in fact I had to turn it down in post production.

I want to address something real quick if I can. I get a couple of comments on the videos about my music selection. I understand that my music taste is not the same as everyone else but I am a limited because I can't use copyright music. These videos are being done for Dynamic Discs and I don't want some band going after Dynamic Discs because I put their music in a video on YouTube without their permission. I have seen other disc golf videos where they have copy right music but they are running the risk of YouTube shutting down their channel because of it (I have seen it happen). Sure, we don't get a million views but Disc Golf is growing and I don't want something to happen a few years down the road. Ok, enough of my rant. If you know of some free sites where I can some good music let me know for sure.

Here are some highlights from the 2013 Monkey Island Open. Thanks for watching!
In April I drove down to Emporia to film some disc reviews for the new discs from Dynamic Discs. We sort of did this in February while I was in Texas forEric McCabe and Paige Pierce's Fundraiser tournament but I wanted to do them again and have Eric throwing the discs. I think the videos turned out pretty good with really good information and visuals for people to learn more about the discs.

I used my Canon T4i to shoot the interview portion of the video and my Tascam DR-40 for the audio. I am really liking the DR-40 as it gives a much better sound. I am still figuring out the best settings for different situations. I used my Canon Hf10 to film the shots were Eric throws the discs.

We did have a few people comment that they wish we had different throws with the discs. I will definitely keep that in mind for next time I can meet up with Eric to film some discs reviews.

Below is the playlist for all 5 videos.

What other reviews would you like to see as far as disc golf apparel. Let me know in the comments.


Innova Commercial

I often get the extreme pleasure and privilege of working with the team at I do what is called ENG work for the live broadcasts. Most of the times when you see the videos that are recaps or highlights of the previous day you are watching something I put together. Another aspect is that sometimes I will be asked to create commercials for the broadcast. I am still working on my library of disc golf footage so most if not all of the footage is from the DiscGolfPlanet's archives. 

Below is an Innova commercial that they had me put together for the 2013 Memorial Championships broadcast. I was able to use After Effects to change the color of the graphics template. In some of the footage you will see the borders are out of focus. This is because the video in those segments were shot in a smaller resolution than some of the other footage. You can not increase the size of the smaller footage without loosing details. So I just put two layers of the same footage and increase the size of the background layer and put it way out of focus. It is a much better look than just having black borders all around the original footage.

If you have any questions about what I did in this video just let me know.
One of the premiere disc golf events, the Glass Blow Open is less than 2 weeks away and the excitement is building. Dynamic Discs is in full event mode as they prepare for the well over 400 disc golfers will make their way to Emporia, Kansas to play on the beautifully designed courses including one course at the Emporia Country Club. The Glass Blown Open is special to me because it was the first disc golf event that I traveled to and film for CoolDaddySlickbreeze, before that I had just done a few local events.

This year is unique in that some of the courses used for the Glass Blown Open will also be used for the 2013 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships. I am sure that many competitors will come to play in the Glass Blown Open to help prepare for the World Championships.

While you prepare for the Glass Blown Open head on over to the Video On Demand page to watch a limited time free YouTube broadcasting of the 2011 Glass Blown Open lead card.